"take care of yourselves and take care of each other."


Laura is a well respected Healer and Speaker, known by many as a leader in the field and bringing people into wholeness. Working with over 5000 people all over the world, Laura has now captured the heart of many through her YouTube channel and became well known for making people smile. 


"I watched some of Laura's older video content once and I couldn't believe how different she was. She brings such a warm and unique energy. She is her own testimonial."

Laura was born a healer but just like a lot of people, she had switched off her abilities to fit into her world and was working hard trying to get a fashion brand off the floor after she completed her degree and was hustling just like you. A few years ago, she had an awakening and started to see the world very differently to how she had once seen it. This began with a simple meditation practice just once a day which allowed her to start raising her vibrational frequency. Little did she know, this was taking her on an exciting new journey.

Everything suddenly became a lot clearer and along with that, so did other people’s lifestyles and energies. She began to notice that she could see people's struggles from an inner energetic level and she knew exactly what they needed to do to shift that and move people forward. 

As a way to express that, she first decided to learn how to read tarot cards and was amazed that as soon as she picked up the cards she could feel what they were trying to tell her and her career began there. She decided to do tarot readings on her social media channels and send out little messages daily. She was amazed as to how many people started following her and over time, they wanted their own reading based on their own situations. After a year of this, she began to let go of the cards and started doing sessions with clients without them. She began by channelling her own personal guides and eventually moved outwards to Archangels and Masters. Over time, she could connect to the whole cosmos.

"In order to meet the new you, you have to say goodbye to the old you."

Laura x

As time went on, Laura decided that she wanted to help people on a deeper level and began working with people by reading their energy and telling them what area’s they could work on to be happier. This is where The Happiness Coach was born and she never looked back.


Now, thousands of clients later, she has perfected her methods of finding a clients root block and removing them through her Akashic Amendment. This is a combination of soothing the inner child, clearing pain from past lives that are still with the client whilst channeling the guides of the client and her own personal team to get the client to fully understand themselves and create new space to energetically grow. 


One by one, people’s lights started turning on and she began seeing a huge shift in the individuals and also in the collective. People were healing emotional blocks that they had carried with them for century’s and people were finally free.



Freedom is the key to a happy life.