This Adjustable Necklace Quartz and Garnet Scarab and Ankh has been alchemically artistically designed to not only look beautiful, but to provide you with a quantum spiritual upgrade to your energy.

The Alchemical Spiritual information around this piece is outlined for you below.


Quartz – Clearing & Charging (Amplifier)

Quartz is a natural all round clearing & amplification crystal. Quartz is synonymous with the clarity of mind. Quartz naturally connects to your crown chakra & assists in the anchoring of higher light into the mind, it stimulates the pineal & pituitary glands. It is the master crystal at transmuting density to light. It is incredibly useful to an individual who is at a crossroads in their life. Quartz will assist you to unveil what needs to be seen & acknowledged, before choosing the path ahead.  

Quartz can also assist a spiritual seeker or professional psychic to bring through higher communications from spirit & the universe, (universal beings of light, masters, goddesses & the angelic realms) through all of the 7 clair-abilities channels of communication between you and Source: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience (clairempathy), clairscent (clairolfaction/clear smelling), clairtangency, clairgustance, claircognizance.

Quartz can be used to create clarity & wellbeing within all of the chakras, body systems, nadas, etheric bodies & your electromagnetic field. It creates a natural balancing & harmonising of your complete toroidal field on all planes of existence. 

When worn with other crystals on the body, quartz will naturally amplify & make stronger the intensity & power of all the other crystals you are wearing.


Garnet - Courage

Garnet is another regal crystal & is of the Royal Red Ray of Courage in Leadership. Garnet is a crystal that should be called upon when needing to step into a Leadership role, that might take you out of your depth or comfort zone of what you think you are capable of accomplishing. Garnet can help you to keep grounded through the changes as you incorporate this role into your new reality. 

Garnet is a crystal that can be used to heal genetic imbalances in the DNA/RNA in direct connection to the bloodline. Put more simply during your ascension path you may be called upon to genetically path cut your DNA to heal & clear genetic ancestral karma from your Quantum filed. Garnet assists in this transformation process of highlighting the Quantum timeline memories into consciousness for witnessing & releasing to the light. 

Scarab Beetle - Cycles

The Scarab Beetle is the symbol of continuous death & rebirth. You are always in a perpetual cycle, of death & rebirth moving within the 4 directions (seasons) or wheel of life. Working with the animal totem of scarab, you become clearer about which phase of the wheel you are currently in for example sowing the seed, nurturing the seed to grow, harvesting the plant or clearing the land. This is the cycle of creation & destruction & as a human being, you will naturally struggle with the 4th part of the cycle: the barren phase. At this time, it is harder to hold your light & one can fall into a dark night of the soul as you transit this phase. Scarab energy helps you to see that this again is only a phase & to face your fears, for it will be time again shortly to plant the seed again on new projects until they are completed. The Scarab energy will assist you time & time again to create projects & to see them through to completion. 

Wings of Isis - Feminine Ancient Knowledge

The Wings of Isis are a symbolic connection to the Goddess Isis & her broader, higher, motherly, angelic perspective of the world. She holds the Female aspect of the higher ancient knowledge & Thoth holds the Male aspect of higher ancient knowledge for humanity. When working with Isis's energy she will assist you to hold a more non-judgemental wise perspective on holding space for people & being the witness consciousness. Each soul you witness is transitioning to the next phase of their learning & evolution. Isis will help you to hold space & assist as the midwife in this transformation of the soul. She will help you to access the silence (listening) to the soul or the guidance (wise council) for the soul you are assisting at that moment in time.  


Ankh - The Master

The ankh is the symbol of peace & the transcended soul that has had many lifetimes to master. The ankh is also the symbol of a Master soul that has transited all dimensions & returned fully to Source & agreed to come back to Earth in order to support & help humanity to raise its collective vibration.

Silver & Gold – Yin & Yang

Silver is the metal of the Yin female power energy; Gold is the metal of the Yang masculine energy. The two combined create a total unification of both aspects of Yin/Yang, the feminine & masculine energies of self.


This piece is hand crafted & you may not see available again, so if you feel drawn to one of the pieces, it's best not to wait.

Quartz & Garnet Scarab and Anhk Necklace

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