Our Teardrop Green Quartz, Angel Wing & Star Tetrahedron Pendant has been alchemically artistically designed to not only look beautiful, but to provide you with a quantum spiritual upgrade to your energy.

The Alchemical Spiritual information around this piece is outlined for you below.

Quartz – Clearing & Charging (Amplifier)

Quartz is a natural all round clearing & amplification crystal. Quartz is synonymous with the clarity of mind. Quartz naturally connects to your crown chakra & assists in the anchoring of higher light into the mind, it stimulates the pineal & pituitary glands. It is the master crystal at transmuting density to light. It is incredibly useful to an individual who is at a crossroads in their life. Quartz will assist you to unveil what needs to be seen & acknowledged, before choosing the path ahead.

Quartz can also assist a spiritual seeker or professional psychic to bring through higher communications from spirit & the universe, (universal beings of light, masters, goddesses & the angelic realms) through all of the 7 clair-abilities channels of communication between you and Source: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience (clairempathy), clairscent (clairolfaction/clear smelling), clairtangency, clairgustance, claircognizance.

Quartz can be used to create clarity & wellbeing within all of the chakras, body systems, nadas, etheric bodies & your electromagnetic field. It creates a natural balancing & harmonising of your complete toroidal field on all planes of existence.

When worn with other crystals on the body, quartz will naturally amplify & make stronger the intensity & power of all the other crystals you are wearing.

Angel Wings – Holding Your Light

Angel wings are the symbol to connect to the supportive energies of the Angel Kingdom in the journey of the Ascension process for the whole of humanity. The Angelics are the pillars of divine light & transformation at a global level.

The Angelics will assist anyone who requests their help; they help you with any of the transitional phases you are really struggling with. The Angelic energies are an integral part of the whole of the celestial kingdom & wearing angel wings is a constant reminder to you that they are there to help you whenever you need to call on them for help.

Star Tetrahedron – Divine Human Template

The Star Tetrahedron throws off reflections of itself into all levels of your lightbody & assists with the restoration & downloading of the ascension codes into the DNA/RNA. This symbol helps you ascend to your original divine human template & embodiment of the God Spark. We are all created from this divine human template but over eons of time & soul missions have had corruption of the circuits within the light bodies of light. The Star Tetrahedron assists in helping the soul to tune in & receive these higher light code activations to complete the soul’s transgression back to the Divine Enochian Template.

Silver & Gold – Yin & Yang

Silver is the metal of the Yin female power energy; Gold is the metal of the Yang masculine energy. The two combined create a total unification of both aspects of Yin/Yang, the feminine & masculine energies of self.

Most of the pieces are uniquely hand crafted & you may not see available again, so if you feel drawn to one of the pieces, it's best not to wait.

Teardrop Green Quartz, Angel Wing and Star Tetrahedron Pendant Gold Plated

  • This pendant does not come with a chain.





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