"As a tarot reader myself, I understand how valuable of a tool they can be. I designed these Oracle cards to help you along your journey whilst having fun in the process. Ask them what your next move should be, what you're missing or what you need to know."



"Laura Emily teaches us to appreciate and notice our inner being. By taking the reader on a journey through her own experiences, Laura teaches us to listen to the universe and allow ourselves to follow the path the universe is trying to take us on. She tries to make us understand that even though we may not think the universe is on our side or that things are not meant to happen, something has not happened yet because we, as individuals, are not yet ready to receive this event. Once we accept the universe's plan and allow things to happen, whether they are good or bad, only then can we truly reach our full potential."


All of these unique pieces have been designed with crystal, metal and symbolic relevance for the individual to step into and integrate the next level of their spiritual power.


Each piece will activate and integrate into your bodies of light at a cellular and quantum level. You will be able to feel this transition when you connect to the alchemical energy of your chosen piece of jewellery.

All pieces are uniquely hand crafted and you may not see available again so if you feel drawn to one of the pieces, it's best not to wait.