"It has been one of the best decisions in my life to have the opportunity to work with Laura! I've been following Laura's work for over a year now on YouTube and I am so grateful to have met a healer, life coach, and a real friend who sincerely wants to help you become your greatest version (who you are here to be) from a place of love and kindness! My few regression sessions with Laura have been a most profound experience that has helped me to continue to shift upwards and forwards on my life journey. It was very easy for me to work with Laura in our sessions. I intuitively knew I could trust her and it was safe for me to just surrender into the beautiful experience. I resonate very well with Laura's teachings from the very climax of the twin flame journey to the resolution and phasing out of that part of the journey and into union with yourself! I am so grateful for all the knowledge and guidance Laura has shared-it has brought me so much clarity and understanding of myself and my journey on the spectrum of the bigger picture! Laura is on fire and to be able to see, feel, and witness her gifts and amazing presence is truly inspiring! I have come leaps and bounds on my journey from awakening and working with Laura has just catapulted me straight to where I am suppose to be and that is the path of ascension!"


“I did the past life regression with Laura and it changed my life. No, literally.- it changed my whole life. I had an attachment to someone in this life that I always found myself chasing while all they would ever do is give me crumbs and I found myself calling it love. Laura and I went back to a past life where this same person was very in and out of my life and always left me feeling not good enough. I healed this with laura and my entire life has changed for the better. I am no longer attached to this person and what I thought love was before.... well, let’s just say that having to chase someone isn’t love. It’s a journey and a healing one at that. Please please PLEASE connect with Laura if you feel led to. Her energy is so warm. I promise this will help you immensely. Thank you so much Laura."


"When I first began working with Laura, I had pretty much given up all hope and was convinced that I would never be able to heal or live a normal life. For years I had been suffering with severe PTSD, anxiety, major depression, and insomnia, and in just a few sessions, she helped me to take back control of my life and fully transform my energy… something I never thought possible. I went from not being able to get out of bed all day and terrified to leave my apartment to suddenly receiving multiple new job offers and falling asleep again after years of restless nights.

Through her consistent coaching and regression work these past 3 months, Laura has helped me to entirely shift my mindset from a state of paralyzing fear and living in victim mode to an empowered woman ready for the future. I no longer feel defined by my past or limiting beliefs. Her guidance has allowed me to rewire my brain and ditch the perpetual negative self-talk, thought patterns, and disempowering labels. She has assisted me in releasing pain and trauma that I had been holding onto for years, allowing me to finally release and forgive those from my past and see them through the eyes of love and compassion so that I can fully step into my power. 

Others in my life have commented that I am a completely different person and I truly cannot imagine my life now without having begun work with Laura- she is a healer beyond belief!"



"Laura is a beautiful soul inside and out and anyone who works with her is truly blessed. Her light energy is contagious and no matter what your session entails, will leave you at a higher vibrational frequency than from when you first started. I took a huge leap as the first to purchase 'The Happiness Package' last November and I am forever grateful that I did. For an entire month we did multiple various healing sessions per week and it shifted my life completely. I was very depressed at the time and she lifted me up in so many ways that I always looked so forward to each session! This for me personally brought my twin flame back into my life, but more importantly, it moved me in ways to start choosing a more inspired life path for myself. Her intuition and predictions were always right on point! She helps you to see the greatness and the light that you already hold within, but may have forgotten. Quite simply, she helps you get "unstuck". She was very attentive to my needs at the time and we worked through a lot of past life regressions that were most of the time quite intense. There were many tears involved on my end, but it felt like cleansing tears and healing tears releasing baggage that I had been storing up for such a long time. Laura is so understanding of your situation, will cater to your unique situation and be the support you need to heal any wounds buried inside of you. The more time spent working with her the better you will feel as the healing process never truly ends. In addition, you will walk away with the tools you need to do the healing work on yourself, if you so choose, and that is truly a life long gift!"


Much gratitude and blessings.



"I have been a follower of Laura's for a few years now. I came across her videos on YouTube and instantly resonated with the content she was creating. Her insight and guidance has been priceless to my journey. Navigating my own relationship and now on my path to self love, I could not have done it without her. In moments of self doubt or loneliness, I look to her messages and I am reminded of the love and compassion we must have for ourselves and for each other. Whilst I have never met Laura in person, we have worked a bit through some questions I have been seeking guidance on. Her light and love is undeniable. 

I truly feel I have a soul sister at heart. I don't know where I would be in my life without her. Thank you for all that you have done for me, for us, for this world."